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Get Roku Com link Enter Code to Activate your Device

Roku com link enter code is the code that you use to activate and set up your Roku streaming device. Understand the device activation steps, get the link code and start the device activation right away.There are lot of top streaming device brands available and it is your interest to choose the model that you like.

Get the Roku Com Link Enter Code

As you switch on your device a Roku logo will appear and you will be navigated to few settings where you can get the code. Note down the Roku link code from the device display screen.

How to Use the Code for Activation?

The process of activation requires the code to be provided on the page If you have a streaming device at your home start or begin the device setup and you can select the language and display you | Roku Setup
  • Connect the Roku Device to the Network
  • Wireless network settings will now be visible and you can choose the connection type and then provide the credentials (username and password)
  • Go to URL 
  • Login to your Roku account with the valid credentials
  • Use your mobile device and open the page using a new browser. 
  • Start typing the device linking code which you have noted down
  • Tap on the submit tab to link your Roku streaming device

How to Troubleshoot the Device Setup and Activation Errors? Not Working
Roku Troubleshooting

  • Check the Roku com link enter code that you use and ensure that it is valid 
  • Always use the valid page for activating the device
  • Good speed internet connection is always important and suggest you to use a good quality router.
  • If the signal strength is low  try to use range extenders and  will help you to  improve the strength of the signal  to a greater extent
  • Go for a quick restart and check if the errors resolve
  • Ensure that you type the Roku activation code in the required space
  • Start  your  device reset once  using either the  soft or the hard reset 

To know more about the steps to use the Roku activation code to link your Roku streaming device to go to our website


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